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Media Monday — Wrap-ups and Resolutions

And just like that, all of the holiday ads are done and we’ve moved on to resolution messages and all of the year in review lists.

Here’s a couple standouts in the wrap-up and resolution categories:


The follow up to its#2018Goals campaign, featuring some quirky callouts about users and their habits, #2018Wrapped touches on how Spotify users have responded to some this year’s pop culture moments.

You’ll find this series is a bit less personal, as a year of continued privacy and data concerns comes to a close.


Don’t call it Weight Watchers, WW tries to shed its old image with some fresh new faces in its celebrity ambassador roster with Kate Hudson and Robbie Williams. In addition to these fan-faves, WW tells AdAge it believes it also needs to tell more stories that people can relate to, so you can expect to see more real customer stories in future campaigns.

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