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Supersonic Soundtrack?

I want to tell you about my conspiracy theory:

I have two dogs. Hounds. Very sensitive to perceived intruders and such, and can be known to bark on occasion. And by occasion I mean pretty much all the time.

And recently I’ve noticed that they’ve been barking for seemingly no reason at all; no passing runner, no car door slamming in the distance. And once I started to really pay attention to these moments, I found a surprising similarity — Verizon commercials.

One in particular has been the worst culprit:

It contains no doorbell noises (don’t even get me started on that one…) and nothing that I can discern as the reason. My theory at this point is there is something in the music bed that is alarming to them.

So, to my fellow dogparents, are there any ads put get your pooch on high alert?

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