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Media Monday — Year of the Celebrity?

We’re just mere days away from the biggest annual showcase of broadcast advertising ingenuity. The Super Bowl of advertising is, well, the Super Bowl. And while the rest of my New England brethren are eagerly awaiting kickoff, I’m over here dreaming of all the action that will occur in between the game coverage!

Previews of the ads are now commonplace, and really that makes sense to amortize the investment over more than just the one airing. Here are a few more of the sneak peaks that have some people talking (or laughing) as we head into game-time:

Stella Artois

Fan faves Carrie Bradshaw and The Dude are an unlikely duo in this smile-worthy spot, with both ditching their signature drinks.


Is Pepsi Ok? As a former server, I cannot recount how many times I asked this exact question. Unusual celebrity pairings continue, with Steve Carell, Lil Jon and Cardi B rounding out this in this one from Pepsi.

Other celebs that may make cameos on Sunday include: Christina Applegate, Adam Scott, Michael Bublé, A-Rod, Backstreet Boys, Chance the Rapper, Serena Williams, Zoe Kravitz, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kristin Chenoweth, Ludacris, and Luke Wilson. I’m sure we should expect to be surprised by others as well.

Happy watching! See you next Monday!

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